Structure of Organization

Governing Body

The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Chamber’s formulation for policies and strategies. The general assembly elects the president and its executive members for the period of 3 years. The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Chamber. The Executive Board comprises 29 officials including the Immediate Past President, 1 Distinguished Member from the Past Presidents and four other nominated members. The Board elects the 1 Senior Vice-Presidents and 2 Vice-Presidents, the General Secretary & Treasurer among it selves.


The following committees have been constituted to carry out the Chamber’s activities.
  • Local Government and Political Coordination Committee :Gyan Bahadur Bisural
  • Donor Agency Organization Coordination Committee : Deepak Kumar Karmacharya
  • Library Management and Tourism Promotion Committee : Rajendra Kumar Shrestha
  • Town Management Committee : Anil Krishna
  • Publication Committee : Rajaram Regmi
  • Industry Promotion Committee : Binod Pokheral
  • Secretariat Management Committee : Devendra Kumar Shrestha
  • Income Source Collection Committee : Bhim Narayan Shrestha
  • Health and Natural Disaster Relief Management Committee : Buddha Ram Joshi
  • Agro Promotion Committee : Nirajan Khanal
  • Fair and Exhibition Promotion Committee : Ramsharan Nepal
  • Membership Expansion and Monitoring Committee : Upendra Sharma
  • Tax and Revenue Committee : Devi Prasad Dallakoti
  • Sports and Extra activities Committee : Kabin Ghimire
  • House Rent Coordination Committee : Madhav Prasad Poudel
  • Employer and Labour Management Committee : Niranjan Thapa
  • Youth Entrepreneur Coordination and Promotion Committee : Shivalal Shrestha
  • Transportation Management Committee : Sitaram Bhattrai
  • Education Promotion Committee : Sohendra Raj Kharel
  • Information Technology Promotion Committee : Yaman Bhusal
  • Commodity Coordination Committee : Ishwori Prasad Aryal
  • Training and seminars Management Committee : Niraj Shrestha
  • Livestock Promotion Committee : Raghunath Bhatta
  • Women Entrepreneurs and Handicraft Promotion Committee : Bhagirathi Prajapati
  • Internal Audit Committee : Drona Prasad Lamichhane


The Secretariat is under the Secretary-General and the performance and daily activities are performed in administration Branch, Accounting Branch, Program Branch, Library and Information Branch, Business Help Desk Branch and Child Protection and child labor elimination program Branch under the surveillance of the Executive Secretary who is appointed according to staff regulations of the organization. Including the Executive Secretary and the recent heads of the branches, one public relation officer, two social mobilizers, one office assistant and one office helper are working in a total number of 10 in this organization.

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