Child Protection and Child Labour Elimination Program

Since November 25, 2013 Ratnanagar Chamber of Commerce & Industry has been running the "Child Protection and Child Labor Elimination" Program with the support from UNICEF and initiation of the Ratnanagar Municipality. The program has worked towards child labor free area in Ratnanagar Municipality. The Child Protection and Child Labor Elimination program continues to work with the invaluable support of the community police, social activists, social clubs and mother's groups, business person and others.


  • To minimize/eliminate Child Labor from Ratnanagar municipality.
  • To announce Ratnanagar municipality as Child Labor Free up to 2017.


Formal Education Program

This Project has supported school admission for those children who are prevented because of economic problems. The program provides educational support for direct school mainstreaming of the working children ensuring that the child is engaged in hazardous work. It also provide educational support for once school supported children to regulate school whose economic condition is worse and chances to return for same work.

Vocational and Apprenticeship Training

Vocational and apprenticeship training has been for for eligible working children (age of 15 yrs. and above) including children affected by conflict to enable them to support themselves in work with dignity.

Family Reunification

Children engaged in the worst form of child labor have been reunified with their families. After reunification, these children are supported and monitored by this program with IG (Income Generation) support, school support and formal education program as well.

IG (Income Generation) Support

This Project also provides economic support and rehabilitation service (income generation activities, enterprise/skill and other economic support ) to family of child laborers and children affected by conflict so, they can help their children support for the school and sustain their living as well.

Psychosocial Counseling

This Program also provides psychosocial counseling to children at difficult circumstances from trained counselor to facilitate family re-integration and removal from exploitative work.