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Monthly Newsletter

A news bulletin entitled “Artha Sandesh” is published tri-monthly and "Udhyog Banijya Samachaar" annually covering statistics and information on national & international trade news, opportunities, fairs, exhibitions, chamber news, and information about tax, laws and more. The bulletin is circulated free of charge among our members, stakeholders, all the chambers affiliated with FNCCI and Government Offices.

Advisory and Arbitration

The Chamber provides necessary advice and recommendation on trade and industry to the government and to its members on different capacity. Similarly, the chamber also arbitrates to resolve the transactional disputes between its member as well as enterprises of the country.

Library Information & Business Centre

RCCI has a properly equipped and well managed library and information center. It was handed over to RCCI by the Rotary International in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Ratnanagar. It has books, magazine, journals of different fields for every age groups and every sector, daily newspapers, internet services etc. It has a business center which provides different services as computer print, photocopy, fax, phone, email, internet, book binding and also training equipment such as overhead projector, multimedia projector etc.

Community Development Activities

RCCI has made significant contribution for different sector of local community development. It has worked for the town development and management works, plantation on the highway side and has worked in co-operation with different organizations of various sectors.


RCCI organizes Industrial Fairs and Exhibitions for the benefit of its members and non-members.

Organized exhibitions:

Ratnangar Mahotsab - 10

Our Affilitations & Partners

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