Child Protection and Child Labour Elimination Program

Ratnanagar Chamber of Commerce & Industry has been running the "Child Protection and Child Labour Elimination" Program with the support from UNICEF and initiation of the Ratnanagar Municipality since November 27, 2013. The program has been/is being launched for creating child labour free area in Ratnanagar Municipality. The Child Protection and Child Labour Elimination Program continues to work with the invaluable support of the community police, social activists, social clubs and women’s group, business persons and others.

The objectives of Child Protection and Child Labour Elimination Program are to:

  • Identify and prepared the profile of working child under 18 years,
  • Rescue and rehabilitate the child labourers from working in the hazardeous work and provide economic support to the family of child labourers and children affected by conflict
  • Create public awareness against child labour,
  • Enhance positive thought about child protection and child rights
  • Help to create child friendly and child labour free municipal.



This project has been providing the educational supports to those children who are deprived of obtaining formal education regularly in school and who have left school due to poor economic condition and the involvement in child labour. It is done keeping in mind the child is not engaged in hazardous work.


Vocational and apprenticeship training is eligible for working children (age of 15 yrs. and above) including children affected by conflict, to enable them and to support themselves in work with dignity.


Children engaged in the worst form of child labor have been reunified with their families. After reunification, these children are supported and monitored by this program with Income Generation support, school support and formal education program as well.


This Project provides economic support and rehabilitation service income generation activities, enterprise/skill and other economic support to family of child labourers and children affected by conflict so that, they can help their children support for the school and sustain their living as well.


This Program also provides psychosocial counseling to children at difficult circumstances from trained counselor to facilitate family re-integration and removal from exploitative work.


This program Provides business Startup support to trained children for their own business.


This program runs public awareness campaign in and around Ratnanagar Municipality in co-operation and assistance with the wards, communities, social clubs, community-based school and private school, TLO, child clubs and else.